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Illuminate The Night Landscape Lighting


From our initial consultation to the installation, you will not find a company more committed to enhancing your landscape and home through illumination.  Like an artist, we will use light to paint a portrait to enhance the beauty and safety of your home.  To accomplish this, we couple our technical knowledge of color temperature, beam spreads, power consumption and voltage loss to what we discover about your landscape and home during a free lighting demonstration. This experience allows us to maximize the effect the light has on your landscape and home, while providing you the opportunity to participate and see the transformation, rather than visualize what it may look like.  All of this occurs prior to making an investment!  Illuminate the Night by Outdoor Renovations LLC is based out of Garnet Valley, PA and provides all your low voltage landscape lighting needs!  We service Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Throughout the years, we have troubleshot lighting systems and repaired systems for our customers.  During these years we discovered every type of installation possible, and we want to change the industry by providing superior installations and proper education to our customers.  We believe in using only the highest quality lighting fixtures.  Aluminum fixtures are a little bit less money however we know that ultimately they will fail, which is why we prefer to install solid brass or solid copper constructed fixtures.  We want you to feel great about your illuminations and know we will stand behind it!  All work is preformed by Dave and Steve so we have the tightest control on proper installation and provide the highest quality of work! 

Steven Beddow


Graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and Native Plant Studies.

David Lloyd


Graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Sciences with an emphasis on ornamental horticulture.

 Our education, coupled with over a combined 20 years of professional experience in selling several landscape lighting brands to the trade and an extensive knowledge of horticulture, allows for us to take the total environmental setting into account during installation. 


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