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Outdoor Renovations firmly believe cost should not be a secret.  Just about every lighting installation company does not display any type of pricing out front.  There's always factors that can change the actually price per fixture installed such as wire runs, type of fixtures, and other variables.  However, we feel it's extremely important to let you know a rough idea of what to expect.

Pricing is always an important factor to consider with landscape lighting.  We offer several options so we can meet your budget.  We generally install solid brass lifetime fixtures but can use aluminum fixtures to get to a lower price point.  

Although we can't give you exact pricing without seeing the total scope of the job, we can give you a some good guidelines.

For solid brass dimmable LED fixtures with Lifetime Warranty, you can expect between $240 to $260 dollars per fixture installed.  This would include wire and labor in this cost.  Transformers with astronomic timers are an additional cost and generally run about $300 dollars including the timer.  Some factors that ultimately change costs are quantity and type of wire needed, going under sidewalks, gutter mounted light fixtures, and mounting transformers inside.

The average job usually comes in at about $250 dollars per fixture so a system of 10 lights would run about $2500.00. plus transformer/timer cost (So a total ballpark would be around $2800.00).

We also carry economical solid brass fixtures with Lifetime Warranty.  The price would drop by a little over $30 per fixture in almost all cases making the same example above about $2200.00 plus transformer/timer cost.

We do not recommend aluminum landscape fixtures, but can install them if desired.  Overtime, aluminum fixtures start to peel and flake since they are painted.  Once this occurs the fixtures often start to leak and fail.  You typically can get at least 7 to 10 years before this will happen.  However, there's little price difference between our economical solid brass fixtures we offer with a Lifetime Warranty.

Since we offer a free lighting demonstration before any type of obligation from you, we are able to give you exact pricing from the free demonstration with zero obligations.  Outdoor Renovations allows you to truly see your entire house illuminated before you make any decisions. 

We pride ourselves on not only the best installation procedures, but also on the best prices around.  Our low pricing is a direct result of not being a franchise and having low overhead cost of operations.   All work is preformed by the two of us!

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