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"Proper installation methods create lifetime lighting portraits."

David Lloyd

The most critical part of your lighting system above anything else is a proper installation.  It’s amazing that this part is most often overlooked not only by the customers but also many installers.  There's several important questions you should ask every landscape lighting contractor to make sure you are getting a professional installer.  Here are some great questions to ask!

1) How are your wire connections created and what do you use to make them waterproof?  

2) Where would you mount the transformer and if inside, how do you deal with the wires coming out of the house?

3) How long is your warranty after installation?

4) How do I control my landscape lighting?

5) What type of amperage will the system draw on your circuit?

6) Do you record your primary and secondary amperage inside the transformer to ensure you're within the specifications of the wire and transformer?  (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION and will let you know if they are qualified)  If you feel you recieved an unclear answer ask to see their amp probe meter!  Unfortanely almost every job we see installed does not have the the transformer and wiring data recorded inside of the transformer.

7) How do you install and run the wires?

8) How do you deal with sidewalks and wires?

LED lights must operate within a particular voltage range and this should be checked with a volt meter to be sure you are within the manufacturer’s specified range.  You also want to be sure you never exceed your amperage rating on the transformer or wire.

Connections are some of the most common problems we see with existing landscape lighting issues.  A loose wire nut connection can cause a heat buildup which weakens the connection causing lights to not function and wire nuts could even melt.  Oxidation of poorly sealed connection are another leading cause of failures.

Illuminate the Night by Outdoor Renovations LLC ensures all connections are encapsulated with waterproof wire nuts.  This eliminates any type of potential for lights not working due to poor connections and oxidized wires.  Each wire nut contains dielectric silicone sealant that surrounds splices, making it water and corrosion resistant.  Making them the ideal choice for outdoor electrical connections exposed to condensation, water vapors or dust. They also meet the conditions set by the most recent NEC Code Book, requiring a UL 486D listed connector to be used for all splices in wet and damp locations.

We also supply an extra 3 to 5 feet of wire buried at the fixture to allow for movement of lights when your landscape grows.  This saves you from unnecessary costs and additional splices in your system in the future.  



"Keep Your Lighting Portrait Looking Perfect!"

Illuminate the Night by Outdoor Renovations LLC also offers an annual service which includes:
Adjustment of lights
Relocate lights back or trim shrubs that have overgrown lighting fixtures
Clean fixtures and lenses
Replacement of lamps


There's no annual contracts!  Just give us a call if you would like your lights serviced.  This saves you from paying unnecessary money when it's often not needed every year!  

We are also happy to explain all of the above items if you choose to do it yourself!

There are several more details we provide to insure the best installations possible in this industry.  We pride ourselves for not only creating the best landscape lighting portraits, but also the most professional installation.  Illuminate the Night by Outdoor Renovations LLC uses the best methods, eliminating unnecessary costs in the future while providing additional security for your family.

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